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bump update :: week 33

Week 33


Symptoms :: I experienced Braxton Hicks earlier this week. I get extremely hot at night. Sleeping has become more difficult. I’ve had to start being very intentional about taking my time with things, specifically walking (and I definitely waddle when I walk😛)

Food Aversions :: Nothing specific

Food Cravings :: I craved apples a couple times

Sleep :: Like I said above, sleeping has become more difficult. I wake up throughout the night and can’t seem to get comfortable 😦

Looking Forward To :: Taking our Maternity pictures (tomorrow :D)

Baby Purchases :: Nothing this week.

Fun Stories :: Rylie is very active inside the womb – she loves to kick and move around. Unfortunately, every time I’ve tried to capture it on video or show other people, she stops like she’s shy. But yesterday, I caught her! 😉 You can check it out on my Facebook or Instagram account.

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