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our maternity session – behind the scenes

On SATURDAY (10.1.16), Aaron and I had our maternity photos taken. It’s been something I’ve personally been looking forward to for weeks and I am so thankful that Aaron was excited to get them taken as well!

Being a photographer, I already have the nice equipment to take photos (obviously), and since we’re on a tight budget, hiring a photographer was not an option. Thankfully, Amberlyn (my sister-in-law) was willing to take them!

We headed out around 11am to Noccalula Falls in Gadsden, Alabama.


Aaron & I went there a little less then a year ago (I actually blogged it – you can read it HERE), and I was so excited to go back and capture this very special season in our life. Unfortunately, when we got there, the waterfall was completely dried up, but the scenery was still beautiful so we decided to continue on our adventure. But first, bathroom break 😉 haha.


{Amberlyn not only photographed our maternity shoot, but she also Snapchatted some behind the scenes photos that I had to share with you 😛 }


To get to the area we wanted the photos taken, we had to do some hiking / climbing. Both Aaron and Amberlyn were very nice, patient, and extremely helpful as this pregnant lady navigating the rocks and trail.


We finally got to where we wanted to be and the photo session began 😀



A couple hours later, we captured our gems and decided to head home.


On the way, we had to stop for gas and Aaron surprised me with Dippin’ Dots – only one of my favorites! 😀



Overall, it was a fantastic day and a great shoot! I am so so so thankful that we had good weather, a great location, and a willing photographer who let us pay her with food 😛 haha.

I am so excited to share the photos with you guys! 😀 I’m just being selfish and enjoying keeping them to myself for a couple days, but I’ll be posting them soon – promise. 😉


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