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letters to rylie || 34 weeks in my tummy

dear rylie,

we’re almost there baby girl! can you believe it? when i look back over these past 34 weeks, I am in awe of how quickly (but also slowly) they have gone by. each week brought a new set of challenges, realizations, and “oh, that’s new” moments, but i am thankful for each and every one.


people keep asking me how much longer until you arrive. when i tell them “about 6 weeks” they’re eyes light up and they say, “ooohhh you’re so close!” i hear all the time how excited others are to meet you and hold you, but i don’t think anyone can be as excited as your daddy and i are.

simple things are getting harder for me to do, and i can probably count on one hand how many outfits still fit, but our doctor keeps telling me you are growing perfectly and you are incredibly healthy which always makes daddy and i happy! 🙂


i’ll be honest with you little darling – when we found out you were a girl, i was so excited but i was also scared. i started to question if God had picked the right mom for you. i’m not super girly and i was fearful of the unknown. but over time, God has given me such peace and i now know that you are exactly what we need in our life, and we are exactly what you need in yours.

today, i am more excited then ever to hold you, play with you, dress you, love on you, and spend time with you!

you are so loved baby girl. you are an answered prayer and daddy and i pray for you every day. we love you!



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