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Normally, I don’t post notes from school (Highlands College), but this week’s made a big impact and I felt like I had to share!

It’s called “Your 5” which can be translated as “5 nonnegotiable activities you do every day to better yourself and enjoy life more.”


“Your success in life is determined by your daily agenda.” -Pastor Chris Hodges


Let me start off by sharing what can get in the way of “Your 5” ::

  1. Misuse of time
    * our filter should not be based on our availability, but wisdom.
    * you have to take control of your time or other things will.
  2. Obstacles
    * don’t make excuses, make adjustments.
  3. Possessions
    * it’s okay to have nice things that you care about, but you cannot let it consume you.
  4. Pleasure
    * being too lazy 😛
  5. Not willing to risk / having fear


You may already have some ideas of things that you want to be in “Your 5,” but before you finalize your list, run it by these filters ::

  1. Your relationships
    * how will it affect them? It should affect them in a positive way.
  2. Your values
    * at your 80th birthday party, what do you want people to say about you and how you live your life?
  3. Your calling
    * does it have an eternal impact?
  4. Your growth
    * will it stretch you in some way?
  5. Your faith
    * you need to have God somewhere in your 5. He is #1, he gave us our day(s), the least we can do is give him a part of ours.


Like I just said above, one of your 5 needs to involve God. Here’s a few things that are good things to practice every day ::

  1. Prayer
  2. Reading the Bible
  3. Worship (which doesn’t necessarily mean singing – it’s really having a heart of gratitude)
  4. Fellowship with other believers
  5. Lordship (having discipline to spend time with God)


Couple tips before I share with you what my 5 are –

  1. find the right activity(s). If you don’t like it, you won’t do it.
  2. do these things every single day and before you go to bed, ask yourself “how did I do with my 5 today?” Don’t be afraid to make adjustments and changes where needed.


My 5 ::

  1. God
    * praying
    * worshiping
    * reading the Bible & making notes off what I’ve read
    * listening to sermons online
  2. Family
    * quality time with Aaron
    * quality time with Rylie
    * tiding up the house
    * cooking / baking
  3. Friends
    * take a walk & chat
    * hang out at home / chill out somewhere
    * send a text
  4. Writing
    * being intentional with my blogging
    * journaling about my day and dreaming
  5. Photography
    * take a picture a day
    * learn and grow


Yours don’t have to look like mine at all, I just wanted to share them with you so you had a general idea.


I hope you found this useful and can apply it to your life. I am excited to have this and start using it!

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