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our hospital bags

Sorry for the late post this morning guys! I had great ambitions to post early this morning but then my body decided to start having Braxton Hicks and it’s thrown off my whole day… I did think it was a bit ironic though considering Braxton Hicks is your body prepping for labor and I just finished packing our hospital bags yesterday (well, most of it anyway).

Aaron and I are both pretty simple, so we just packed what the packet from our hospital recommended (clothes + toiletries) along with a few extra things that were recommended to us by friends. I’m also keeping our camera (+batteries), polaroid camera (+film), laptops & Ipads handy. And our pillows (because they’re super comfortable and I don’t want to deal with crappy hospital pillows haha). I packed Rylie’s bag a couple days prior and even though I feel like I’m forgetting something, I know I packed all the right things ~ a couple onesies (different sizes in case she turns out to be chunkier then a “normal newborn”), hats, socks, blankets, a couple pacifiers, a couple diapers for the way home, & a couple other things. Oh, and the boppy.

I know my list sounds pretty minimal, but I promise I packed some other necessities that I just haven’t decided to list – like post-partum things.


How did I know what to pack?

Well, at my very first appointment, my hospital gave me a packet and in it was a list of what to bring to the hospital. Between that, Pinterest, & a few friends, I think I got everything we need.


About a week ago, I asked some friends on Facebook what they recommended I pack in our hospital bag. Although most of it I had already planned on packing, there were a few things that stood out to me that I wanted to share with you guys –


“Your own towels for a shower- the ones at the hospital are so flimsy and tiny! Slippers or warm socks- it gets pretty cold in the hospital! Cute robe for pictures with your little one… snacks for the hospital room for you and the hubs!” -Jessica


“Phone charger! And snacks, definitely.” -Amber


“Chapstick and moisturizer!!! No one told me this but hospitals and chilly and after giving birth you NEED the chapstick!” -Robin


“Take your favorite pillow! The hospital pillows suck!! Definitely take snacks! I woke up starving in the middle of the night after giving birth to my daughter!!” -Brandy


“I would suggest pack as minimally as possible. Comfort items are good in moderation. We packed a few outfits mostly sleepers and a going home outfit. I packed sweatpants and t-shirts. And a sweatshirt because I was always freezing. Socks are also a must and some slip on flip flops if you feel like walking to the cafeteria or around. A couple bows or a blanket or outfit for hospital pictures and lip balm, a candy or tic tacs are so much better than ice chips.” -Leiza


“Don’t believe the books that say bring the clothes that fit you when you were around 3-4 months because that’s a lie!! lol!! Take the clothes that fit you now!” -Tera


“Comfortable, loose clothes are my best recommendation. And whatever snacks you think you’ll crave after delivery! They don’t let you eat during labor, so gum is a good idea. Oh, and a comfy nursing bra will probably be helpful.” -Erica


“An extra empty bag to put all the preemie diapers, wipes etc they give you in.” -Amanda


“Lanolin was a lifesaver for me during the days at the hospital with breastfeeding.” -Emily


Packing our hospital bags is something I definitely feel like I might do differently the 2nd time around, but for now, I’m feeling pretty confident I got the right things in there.


If you have any other recommendations of things I should bring, feel free to comment and let me know! 🙂

3 thoughts on “our hospital bags”

  1. Pack a simple medicine kit 🙂 If you’ve been getting heartburn at all, pack tums. If you order them through the hospital, they’ll charge you an arm and a leg through the pharmacy for something that costs $2 at Target. Pack Tylenol/Ibuprofen for Aaron in case he gets a headache, or a backache from sleeping on the awful hospital “beds” for dads. Headaches are common with Dads because they get tense while their wife is laboring. Pack snacks not just for you, but for him too! He’ll need energy. Pack earplugs if either of you are sensitive to noise while you sleep. L & D wards aren’t exactly always the most quiet between hungry babies and laboring mamas.


    1. Thanks so much Morgann! I’ll definitely be sure to bring anything the hospital will charge extra for. I was planning on going to the dollar store to grab some snacks to save some money from vending machines…


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