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3rd trimester overview

Technically, I’m still in the 3rd trimester, but since I’m already on my 37th week and it’s quickly coming to a close, I figured I’d share with you a general overview of these past 10 weeks.

Check out my 1st Trimester Overview and my 2nd Trimester Overview to see some of my other Favorite Things, How My Life Has Changed + What I’m Thankful For.


Favorite Things

Fans / AC


That may seem like a random “favorite thing,” since we’re into Fall, but the last few weeks of pregnancy, I suddenly get hot very easily – especially at night! I remember people giving me so much sympathy for being pregnant over the summer, but at the time, I was fine. Probably because it was my 2nd trimester and I felt good in general. But 3rd trimester hit and BAM!, heat is not my friend.

Thankfully we’re getting into consistent cooler weather but I’m still more sensitive to temperature then I was before.

 Belly Support


By week 31, I had to wear this band whenever I went out just so my back wouldn’t kill me. It felt great to have my belly supported and took some of the pressure off of my lower-back (which was giving me a lot of trouble beforehand – now it’s not as often 🙂 ).




I know I said this in my 1st trimester overview and 2nd trimester overview, but seriously, water is absolutely critical!  I can never seem to intake enough water.


Husband’s Clothes


Early on in the 3rd trimester (around week 32), I started noticing that not all of my maternity clothes fit me anymore, which seemed odd considering they are maternity clothes – they should fit me the whole time I’m pregnant in my opinion. But I quickly found out that wasn’t true. By week 34, I had decided that if I was going someplace (like church, school or some special event) I would find some kind of maternity outfit to wear. But, if I was going anywhere else or just staying home, I was wearing one of Aaron’s shirts. 😛 Thankfully, he doesn’t mind. 😉


Bump Update Posts


It’s been a favorite since the beginning, so why stop now? I have loved taking a picture every Friday morning and sharing with y’all parts of my pregnancy. Since the beginning the 3rd trimester at 27 weeks,  I feel like the belly has definitely grown.



Things Got Checked Off Our To-Do List

At the end of the 2nd trimester, I started realizing there was a lot of stuff that needed to get done before the  baby came and I wasn’t going to remember to do them all unless I wrote them down, so I broke out our calendar and started setting dates for things to get accomplished by. I am proud to say that 90% of those things have been checked off. 😀


We Started School



After a crazy time of waiting and prayer, Aaron and I got accepted into Highlands College where we are both going to get our degree in ministry. We had our orientation and first day of school, and even though being the only pregnant person has unintentionally drawn some attention to myself (I always catch multiple people looking at my belly during class), we so enjoy being there – learning and growing in things we know God has called us to.


Braxton Hicks


I can’t classify this as a “Favorite Thing” by any means, BUT it is good because even though I greatly dislike getting braxton hicks, it does mean that my body is getting ready for “the big day” (A.K.A – labor and delivery). It’s just so hard to convince myself that pain is good. 😛



Maternity Pictures


I had been looking forward to our maternity session since I found out we were pregnant. They turned out beautifully and I am so thankful to have them! ❤

Our Baby Showers



Within 1 weekend, Aaron and I had 2 baby showers – one that our family hosted at our house and the other that a small group we sometimes attend threw for us. They both were so sweet and full of blessings. We are continually amazed by the love and support we have here in Alabama.


Friends (both girlfriends and couples)



This season of pregnancy has shown me how many friends we have here in Alabama. When I got pregnant, I was kinda bummed because I didn’t feel like I had solid friends here who would celebrate this exciting time with us. It wasn’t long after we announced we were pregnant that God opened my heart and started showing me all the people who loved us and wanted to invest in us and our new, growing family.

We’ve been so incredibly blessed by friends who have said, “here – just take it! We don’t use it anymore and we know you need it!” when it’s come to baby stuff (don’t even get me started on all the things friends have given us! We’ve been able to save hundreds of dollars because of their generosity) and I feel like I have a great community of girlfriends that I can text to ask questions or just say, “hey – we need to hang out!”

My Husband




I seriously have no idea where I would be without this guy! He has been phenomenal throughout this whole pregnancy and I am so thankful for him! He has brought me so much peace of mind and comfort (because let’s be real, my emotions escalated like crazy this 3rd trimester) and it is so evident the the love he has for his girls. He is going to be an amazing father – he already is – and I am so honored to be there with him.

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