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pregnancy brain is like being dory

Confession – I used to think “pregnancy brain” was just an excuse pregnant ladies made to get out of stuff or seem less dumb… um, yeah, I was abruptly put into my place when I realized they weren’t lying – pregnancy brain is very real and I have it… I’m so sorry pregnant ladies who I silently judged before! I hope you can forgive me.


On another note – which may seem completely unrelated, but I promise it does make sense – Aaron & I are huge Pixar fans. So much so, we incorporated it into our wedding reception & it is a big piece of how we’ve decorated our baby girl’s room.

We see every Pixar movie in the theater, usually opening weekend if not opening day. So when Finding Dory came out, we were right there in the theater seats eagerly waiting for the Finding Nemo sequal.

Lately, I feel like I can relate to Dory – with having pregnancy brain and all  (see, I told you it would make sense 😉 ). 😛


To be honest, I feel like I had a great memory before I got pregnant. But for some reason, 2nd & 3rd trimester have not treated my brain well.


Someone can ask me to remind them of something, and I’ll kindly respond, “I’ll try.” which is a nice way of me saying, “It’s unlikely I’ll remember, so no promises.”

I have two brains in my body, but I still can’t remember stuff…

But at the end of the day, even though Dory can seem kinda dumb for forgetting the simplest things (very similar to my pregnancy brain), she is one of the world’s favorite cartoon characters. So hopefully the world can have some grace for me and my pregnancy brain… I hope anyway. 🙂


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