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letters to rylie || 38 weeks in my tummy

dear rylie,

you could come any day now – and i really hope you would. daddy and i are so anxious to meet you, and i know a few others are too!

the doctor says you’re strong and healthy, which always makes us happy. you don’t move around as much as you used to because you’re getting so big but you do like to kick my ribs every now and then, which makes me jolt and daddy always laughs.


i have to remember that it’s okay to take it slow, which is hard since i normally move so fast, but you are already teaching me how to have patience with myself and how to live each day fully without my calendar being packed.

as our time of it just being you and me draws to and end, i’m trying to not be too sentimental. it has had its challenges, but i will always cherish the time where it was just you and me. those days i’d say your name and you’d kick me. those times i’d talk to you in the car about the holidays and what each one was like. and who can forget that night we played veggie tale songs and you would not stop moving.

i know our time together has only just begun, but i’m already cherishing each memory i have with you my little one.

thank you for bringing me so much joy even before you’ve made your grand entrance into this world. thank you for giving me those little reminders that you’re okay by kicking me or moving around. and thank you for teaching me things that i didn’t even know i needed to learn.

i love you rylie, so much! now please hurry. i know you may be comfy and the world may seem scary, but daddy and i will protect you and i promise it’ll be worth it.




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