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bump update :: 38 weeks

Week 38


Symptoms :: Mostly just cramping & random contractions. And I’m incredibly thirsty all the time.

Food Aversions :: Nothing specific

Food Cravings :: Sweets. Having Halloween candy easily accessible has not been helping either 😛

Sleep :: I wake up every 2 hours to go to the bathroom. When I wake up in the morning, I’m usually semi-rested but I can always take a nap (if I let myself)

Looking Forward To :: All I’m looking forward to is our baby girl arriving. Doctor says any day now 😀

Baby Purchases :: Just a few last minute things – baby thermometer and a few more cloth diapers

Fun Stories :: Normally, I don’t talk to Aaron during the workday, so we’ve established a plan where if I go into labor and he’s at work, I’ll call his cell phone (and if I can’t get ahold of him, I’ll call his boss). Well the other day, I had to pick him up from work, and I was in the area and was hoping he was done for the day so I wouldn’t have to drive back. I called him to check on his timing, and apparently when he saw my name on his phone, he thought I was in labor and he said his heart started beating really fast. When he heard I was just wondering what his timing was, he slowly calmed down but it gave us a good laugh that evening when he shared his initial reaction with me.


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