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week 1 with rylie

Aaron and I came home from the hospital on 11.10.16. I personally was so excited to go home, and I think Rylie was too. Isn’t her “going home” outfit cute? I’m still obsessed with it! ❤


Our first outing after Rylie was born was a trip to SAM’s Club with the tribe to do the weekly grocery shopping.


SUNDAY (11.13.16) was my due date but instead of having a baby, we took our little girl to church for the first time. She was an instant hit with pretty much everyone there and we got dozens of compliments.


My mom also came into town while we were still at the hospital, and it was fun to show her Alabama – especially church.


On the day Rylie turned 1 week old, my friend Andrea and her daughter came over. She blessed me with a Starbucks drink and we enjoyed chatting about mommy-hood.





my sweet Rylie is 1week old  I’ve learned so much about being a mom & how quickly time really does go by. I am so in love with her!


Many other things happened that week – like late nights, learning, tears (from both me and Rylie), laughter, her first doctor’s appointment at the pediatrician, and going to school with me. I have some sweet memories from that first week and funny stories that I will always cherish.



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