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week 3 with rylie

Early in the morning on WEDNESDAY (11.23.16), my dad flew back to Washington.


Thanks for hanging out with us Grandpa Peaks! We loved taking drives & the Star Trek marathon

THURSDAY (11.24.16) was Rylie’s first holiday – Thanksgiving. It was full of Thanksgiving classics –> food, nap, & a family picture.





it seems so perfect to have this be Rylie’s 1st holiday. We are so thankful for her & our little family  || Happy Thanksgiving from the Shaver Crew

Our family believes in celebrating one holiday at a time, but Christmas is our absolute favorite holiday, so the day after Thanksgiving, we instantly switch into Christmas mode! So on FRIDAY (11.25.16), the 3 of us went out and got our Christmas tree. We set it up in the house, put lights & our ornaments on and enjoyed the rest of the day watching Christmas movies.



SUNDAY (11.27.16) we went to church and took our family picture. It’s kind of fun to see the determination Aaron has to take a family picture every Sunday – but I’m not complaining 😉


The remainder of the day was spent relaxing & watching a couple Christmas movies (I told you, we go full speed once Thanksgiving is over 😛 ). Rylie seemed to enjoy the movies too 😀


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