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rylie – 1 month old

Our sweet Rylie-girl is 1 month old today! 😀




  • looking around
  • bouncing
  • playing rocket ship with daddy
  • music
  • baths
  • being held by family



  • not being held for long periods of time
  • getting arms through car seat straps
  • not moving in the car
  • blanket over legs




First, let me start by saying I absolutely LOVE Rylie and she is amazing! She is a very chill baby and is such a cutie. Aaron and I have lost count of the compliments we’ve gotten from people and we couldn’t agree with them more. We feel like she’s famous and I won’t lie – I’ve been debating if I should create her own Instgram account haha 😛 But I think I’m just going to stick to posting photos strictly on my account – so FOLLOW ME! 😉



I’ve had a lot of people ask me if motherhood is what I expected, and even though it is matching up pretty well to what I thought it would be like, there is a major difference between knowing it and living it.

For example, there are some days I don’t even know what sleep is. I’ve had nights where the most sleep I get is 3 hours and I have a full day ahead that I need to function for. During those sleepless nights, I try to remember that one day I will miss this – I don’t right now, but someday I will. 😛

Another thing is the amount of laundry. Every day I’m washing something – a onesie, burp cloths, her bath towel, etc.

It also takes me a lot longer to get ready than it used to. Before baby, I was able to wake up, get ready, and be out the door within 15 minutes and I’d look great. Now, it takes me at least 30 to 40 minutes to look somewhat decent and have Rylie ready. This new addition definitely makes me plan things out a little more then I used to.


A lot of ladies will tell you postpartum hormones are crazy, and I will admit that the first couple weeks were pretty rough emotionally. I was exhausted (I hadn’t gotten a good, full nights sleep since before labor), I was trying to learn how to nurse, how to comfort Rylie when she got upset, how to juggle everyday life with a little person, & on top of all that, we had guests in town so I was trying to be a good hostess. But God has truly blessed me with people who want to help, so I just have to be willing and let them. Thankfully, I’ve gotten a lot better at letting others help me which has alleviated a lot of my anxiety.


My advice to new moms is definitely this –

 Don’t feel like you have to do everything at once! Take your time and ease into things. If it’s too much for you to learn how to nurse and learn how to pump, master nursing first. No one expects you to know everything, especially right off the bat.


Overall, Aaron and I are having a blast! Every day is exciting and we’ve had lots of laughs over her facial expressions, movements, and her version of “living life”. Even when I’m exhausted, I wouldn’t trade a day. Time has already gone by so fast and I’m just soaking up every moment that I can.

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