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meet roxie

Over the summer, Rick, Aaron & I went to a friend’s father-in-law’s lake-house for the day and we met this sweet little puppy named Roxie. She seemed to stick around Aaron & I since we played with her and gave her lots of attention. At some point during the day, we overheard someone in the family mention they were trying to get rid of the dog because the owner’s health was failing and he wasn’t able to take care of her. Aaron immediately looked at me and said, “do you want her?” My eyes widened. I love dogs and I’ve always wanted Aaron & I to get one, and Roxie was definitely a very well behaved and sweet puppy, but at that point, I was about to enter my 3rd trimester of pregnancy and I wasn’t fully convinced now was the best time in our lives to be making such a big commitment. But Aaron wasn’t accepting my excuses, and I ended up deciding to stop trying to talk myself out of it and said, “yes. I’d love her!” with a big smile on my face. We told the owner’s wife that if they ever needed someone to take Roxie, we’d love to have her. She seemed surprised but said she would keep us in mind.

Months went by. We knew at some point we would get her, but we weren’t sure when. It all depended on when Roxie’s owner decided (for himself) that she needed a new home.

On FRIDAY (12.16.16), Aaron came home from work with a puppy.

We decided Roxie would be an early Christmas present for Rylie. Our desire is that Rylie would have a pet that would play with her and look after her, and we definitely trust that Roxie is up for the task.

When Roxie got out of the car, she immediately ran over to me wanting to be touched. I stroked her head as I bent down and let her (gently!) sniff Rylie and give her a couple licks on the hand. Rylie loved it and Roxie took to her immediately. We were outside with Roxie for a while, and at one point, Rylie started to fuss. Without a second thought, Roxie rushed over to me and looked up at the little bundle in my arms. She refused to leave my side until Rylie stopped crying, and even then she came over to me occasionally to make sure everything was good. This act of love only increased my trust and love for this puppy.

The next day, (SATURDAY – 12.17.16) we took Roxie to the dog park to try to get some energy out her. It wasn’t very successful because her energy level is off the charts, but she had a great time playing with other dogs for a couple hours.


Rylie’s 1st Christmas present for her 1st Christmas is a puppy 🐶 Roxie, welcome to The Shaver Crew!


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