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our little christmas

Every Christmas Aaron & I have spent together, we have traveled, so one thing Aaron & I have decided with our family is that we don’t want to travel on Christmas – we will always make it a priority to have Christmas at home. However, this year we are making an exception to see Michelle’s (my mother-in-law) family in Illinois so that they can meet Rylie.

That being said, it was still very important to us to have our own Christmas just the 3 of us. So this morning (12.23.16), we woke up and enjoyed opening a few gifts.


My grandmother sent us multiple packages stuffed to the brim with gifts for Rylie, and we carefully saved them until we had our little Christmas. Aaron & I added the gifts we got each other into the mix, and all together, it made for some fun surprises.

Even though Rylie had no idea what was going on, I hope she can look back and see how special this time was.


Rylie is clearly deeply loved by extended family, and we are so grateful for the thought and love that is in each gift.


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