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rylie – 2 months old

Rylie is 2 months old today!😀

Can someone please tell me where the time went?




  • sticking her tongue out
  • copying our faces
  • staring at ceiling fans
  • looking at lights
  • eating before everyone else
  • playing with Mr. Octopus (an octopus toy that has fun toys at the end of his tentacles)
  • cuddling before falling asleep



  • being in bed alone
  • her binky falling out
  • having air in her tummy




You may remember in Rylie’s 1 month blog post that I said I was debating whether I should make her her own Instagram account or not… Well, I ended up caving and made her one –


I decided I’m going to take a photo every day (also known as Project 365) and my theme is “Rylie!” So everyday I take some kind of photo that involves our little one. I post those photos to Rylie’s Instagram, and I’m so excited to see how she grows throughout her first year of her life.


As for mom life, it’s been great! I love spending time with my girl and she is still one of the chillest babies ever. Of course, we have our moments where she’s crying and I have no idea why so we scramble to try and find a way that will calm her down, but she loves looking around and just being apart and seeing what’s going on in the world.

Laundry is still crazy, mainly because of the cloth diapers (which we are wearing all the time now – no more disposables). We don’t have as many as I would like (it’s on my list to get more) so in order to have enough for the day I pretty much need to run a load every morning.

Right now, we’re working on a schedule. Aaron & I agreed before we even had kids that we would not be parents whose social lives ended just because they had a baby, so even though I am pretty firm about her feeding schedule, her bedtime routine is a little more flexible depending on what is going on that evening. If we’re just chilling at home, we start right at 8pm, but if we’re out, we start as soon as we get home.

Thankfully, she sleeps for 6-8 hours at night so we get a decent amount of sleep before I need to feed her. The only hiccup is that she does not like being alone in her crib. She’ll start whimpering which causes her binky to fall out so she cries in a way that we can’t ignore so we’ll go in to fix it. Unfortunately, it happens pretty frequently so lately I’ve been keeping her in the bassinet by the bed so if it falls out I can just stick it back in and she’ll immediately fall back asleep.


To sum it up, we love our girl! She is a great baby and she’s handling these transition stages like a champ. We melt when she smiles and we love playing with her! She’s growing so fast but we’re excited for her to reach the milestones that only come with age. She’s pure joy to us, and we can’t imagine life without her.



1 month old

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