the shaver crew

meet kylo & rae

After having Roxie for less then a month, we had to say goodbye. A few nights ago, we had gotten Rylie to bed and Aaron went to put Roxie in her crate for the night, but she didn’t come when he called (which was not like her). Aaron, Rick & Michelle went looking for her and they found her laying on her side in the middle of road… not breathing. Best we can figure, she was chasing something and ran into the road where she got hit by a car. Our hearts were heavy that night.

Although her passing was still raw, the next morning I asked Aaron if he wanted to get another dog. While he was asleep I had done some research and found a few puppies on the Birmingham Humane Society’s website and I showed him the pictures. Aaron was feeling better and said he still really wanted a dog, so we took the 30minute drive to the shelter.

We looked at a few puppies (there were way more there then what was on the website) and played with one but she wasn’t a good fit for us even though she was a cutie. Then they brought us our second choice – kennel mates and siblings.

They were timid for a couple minutes but the boy puppy quickly warmed up to us and started playing with his sister. Immediately, Aaron fell in love and asked me (begged really 😛 ) to get both of them. I hesitated, but only for a moment before I said, “sure!” with a big smirk on my face. So we filled out the paperwork and came home with two 9 week old puppies. They are one week older then Rylie, so we call the trio “the triplets” 🙂


A couple hours later, we had the perfect names for them – Kylo (for the boy) & Rae (for the girl). Both are characters from Star Wars – The Force Awakens. They are both sweethearts. The first couple days, Kylo had warmed up to us much faster then Rae but now they are both very social and love playing together (and with us).


Although we miss Roxie, we feel like these two kiddos are a great fit for us. Obviously we’re working on training them, but they’ve already caught on to their names, so I’d say their quick learners 🙂

Some may say we’re crazy, having a baby & 2 puppies, but we don’t care. It’s a lot of work but we’re up for the challenge. Besides, it’s more fun that way 😉 and we’re excited for Rylie to grow up with them!



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