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project 365 || week 1 of 2017

I’m not really one for resolutions anymore (mainly because I don’t keep them) but I decided on 3 things I really wanted to do this year. One of them, was to take a photo every day with my DSLR.

There are many different photography projects out there, so I chose to do Project 365 where you take a photo every day. You can do it around a theme or just photograph the day to day. I decided to focus on none other then the gorgeous baby Rylie.

I decided I wanted to capture her first year, so every day since January 1st I have taken a photo that has involved Rylie somehow.

Here is the first weeks worth of pictures ::


SUNDAY – 1.1.17 || bed time


MONDAY – 1.2.17 || taking a break from playing


TUESDAY – 1.3.17 || being mama’s assistant while she photographed a 4 month old


WEDNESDAY – 1.4.17 || Daddy picking his girl up from Highlands Kids


THURSDAY – 1.5.17 || new friends – Kylo & Rae


FRIDAY – 1.6.17 || game night with friends


SATURDAY – 1.7.17 || the triplet’s first white ground experience


SUNDAY – 1.8.17 || turned 2 months old today



If you want to see the photos I take every day, follow Rylie on Instagram – @rylieshaver

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