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21 days of prayer & fasting – 2017 overview

This was my 3rd time doing 21 Days of Prayer, and I was excited. I always love this time to refocus and get my priorities straight.

In the past, I have been really good at making it to church at 6am 95% of the time if not 100%. I wasn’t holding myself to the same standard this time though since we have Rylie, and she doesn’t usually wake up until closer to 7am. Nonetheless, I was going to participate by watching online and fasting something.

My Goal :: to fast TV and do the Daniel Fast.

What Actually Happened :: I fasted TV (except for football games and the occasional movie once every week and a half or so with Aaron) and social media (for a week). I ended up just fasting junk food (sweets, chips and lemonade drinks) because I was over-thinking it and it became unhealthy for me since I am nursing Rylie and my nutrition is more important then ever.

I was surprised, and honestly caught off guard by how carefully I had to watch my thoughts during those 21 days. The devil was more than happy to jump on my guilty feelings and blow them up. I felt like I was half involved, which was tough for me because usually I’m “all  in.” Even though I watched the prayer service every day, prayed throughout the day, and was fasting something, I still felt like it wasn’t enough. I had to be extremely careful to not feel like God was disappointed in me. Thankfully, His comfort was never far behind and I was quickly reminded that this (being a mom to a 2 month old) is the season God has for me right now, and it’s okay to be focused on it. I was still participating with the church and I was praying more, so there was nothing to be ashamed of. Just another testament to how good, understanding and loving our God is.


All that to say, it was a great 21 days of prayer and fasting and I am excited to continue it. I am excited to implement a couple things, like less time on social media and mainly just watching TV on the weekends.

Looking forward to August 21 Days of Prayer already 😉


Wanna see the notes I took from the prayer messages every morning? You can check them out here ::

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

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