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rylie – 3 months old

Rylie is 3 months old today!



  • chomping on her thumb
  • Daddy singing
  • Mom & Dad’s silly faces
  • throwing her binky on the floor
  • seeing what’s going on
  • gripping onto things (fingers, her own hands, binky, etc.)
  • talking (well, fussing) to herself



  • being on her tummy
  • sleep (she fights it most of the time)
  • having air in her tummy






“Mom life” is still going great. Aaron and I love watching Rylie develop new skills and we see more of her personality shine through every day. She is still a crazy chill baby, which is such a blessing to us. I thank God everyday for her calm spirit and happy heart. It takes quite a bit to get her riled up.

We are on a schedule-ish. I say “ish” because it’s pretty flexible. She does eat every 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 hours and she’ll usually be awake / play for an hour to and hour and a half after I try to get the majority of my “to-do list” done during that time.

She still sleeps amazingly! Her bedtime is usually around 8pm and she won’t wake up until close to 7am. When she wakes up, she’ll usually lay there for a bit before she starts fussing because she wants breakfast.

Although we do not intend on letting our children sit in front of the TV (or any screen really) for hours, it has been humorous to see her watching football with us or seeing her eyes glued to the screen when I was at my friend’s house and she was playing Curious George for her 1 year old daughter.

And finally, Rylie’s big milestone this past month was her laugh. Besides her heartbeat when she was in the womb, I think it is my favorite sound. She also smiles more often now which only adds to the fun. There isn’t a huge pattern in what makes her giggle, but some things that has gotten her going is:

  • talking in a high-pitched voice
  • saying “your friend, Jesus”
  • making funny faces
  • dancing silly


All that to say, Rylie is doing phenomenal (of course lol). We are so blessed to call her our daughter!



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