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letters to rylie || 3 months old

dear rylie,

since the day you were born, you’ve brought a smile to my face. you make the rough days better and the good days sweeter. these first 3 months have been full of so many smiles, but also so many “i don’t know”s. but a day hasn’t gone by where you haven’t been kissed and hugged and prayed over. you’ve added so much to our family. i do my best to be fully present and take in every moment i get with you, but  i know as you get older, the memories of you being this young will start to fade and i’ll only remember big moments. but daddy and i have agreed we don’t want to ever forget, so that’s why i take some kind of picture of you (or something related to you like baby books and onesies on hangers) every day. your life has been a gift to us and i want to capture God’s most beautiful creation on camera.

you mean more to me than you probably know. i never thought my 3 month old daughter would be my best friend, but you bring so much joy and laughter to my life, it’s hard to think of life without you. when you wake up from a good nights rest or a quick nap, you always smile so big when you see me, and it makes my heart leap.


i know God gave you to me because you needed me, but i never realized how how much i would need you. and i pray everyday that i can be the best role model for you to follow. i pray that you always know you’re loved, cared for and deeply cherished. from the first time you were placed in my arms, you’ve made me a better person. not only do i seek and trust God more, but i also don’t mind the color pink… i never thought that day would come 😉 😛 hahaha.

people are in love with you. no matter where we go, you capture people’s attention. they are always surprised when we tell them you’ve been sleeping through the night since you were 7 weeks old, and how you don’t cry unless something is legitimately wrong. we are amazed by how chill and laid back you are. you are such a content baby and it only confirms what a perfect fit you are for our little, growing family.

i am obsessed with your coos and spit-bubbles, your toothless grin and shoulder-rolling laugh, and the way you fall asleep on my chest. i love you rylie! thank you for having such a happy heart and a calm spirit.



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