being rylie, the shaver crew

why the fuss?

Rylie is not a fussy baby. She is usually either all smiles or just content, but lately, it seems like we have more fussiness then contentment. I’ve heard of the “3 month growth spurt,” so I figured we were just dealing with growing pains. I felt bad for her, but I had done all I could do.


But last night, in the middle of a crying spell, we caught the inside of her mouth at just the right angle and saw very evident signs of teeth cutting through.

She’s teething!

I’m in denial just writing the words. How is my baby teething? I suppose she has been chomping on her hand a lot, but I chalked that up to discovering her hands and wanting to play with them. She hasn’t been drooling any more than normal (which is the amount you would expect from a baby) and her gums never looked swollen. To be completely honest, I never even thought teething could be a reason for her fussiness.


So now that we’ve started down this new road, I’m getting fully prepared. I have teething rings and a few pacifiers in the freezer and I’ve been talking with some of my mama friends about what is the best way to help.

I made a point to pray for this new endeavor this morning during my date with God. I specifically prayed that the discomfort wouldn’t be too great for her and that this new transition would go smoothly.

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