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the triplets – 3 months old

When we first introduced Kylo and Rae to you, you probably thought, “oh my gosh. A baby AND puppies!? That family has their hands full!” and without a doubt, we do. Since I haven’t shared much about the puppies since we got them over a month ago, let me give you a little update ::

They’re fun.

They’re big.

They’re sweethearts.

They’re big.

They’re loyal.

They’re big.

That about sums it up. 😉

But seriously, they have grown significantly since we got them. We brought them home at 2 months old, and they’re the same age as Rylie (just 1 week older), so I decided to take a monthly photo of the 3 of them together so we can see their growth (Aaron says I should probably consider taking one every week of the puppies just because they’re growing so quickly…).

We call them “the triplets,” and I can’t think of a better nickname for our kiddos 😛


They are great dogs! They love Rylie and always run up to greet us and love on us when we come outside. Even though we miss Roxie at times, they are perfect for our little family.


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