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rylie – 4 months old

4 months old… how did that happen?



  • talking (cooing, sighing, gasping, sticking her toungue out and making a noise, etc.)
  • playing with toys
  • attention from family & friends
  • getting pacifiers fom the freezer (we’re in the early signs of teething)
  • seeing what people are eating
  • seeing Mommy &/or Daddy walk into the room



  • being hungry
  • her hair bows covering her eyes
  • spitting up







Rylie eats every 2 1/2 hours, and I had this feeling I wasn’t producing enough milk for her constant eating. At the end of February, I took her to get weighed at her pediatrician office and they were surprised to see that in 7 weeks she had only gained 4 ounces. They recommended I start supplementing ( alternating between breast milk + formula) and they gave me some formula samples. At first, my heart was heavy. I didn’t want Rylie on formula and I felt bad that I couldn’t provide what she needed. But despite my desperate attempts to get my supply back up, it just wasn’t happening. Rylie took the formula well and I was thankful to see my girl happy and with a fully belly. I feed her formula at every other feeding (nurse – formula – nurse – formula – etc.) I’m so thankful that God gave me such a peace about it, and I’m hoping that we can transition into baby food shortly (I’m going to ask her pediatrician at her 4 month appointment tomorrow).

She sleeps through the night IF (and only if) she has a full belly before she goes to sleep. If she doesn’t, she’ll wake up around 4 or 5am won’t fall back asleep unless I nurse her. But if her belly is full at bedtime, she will sleep from 9 or 10pm – 7am.

We’ve entered into the so fun season of learning to play. 😀 She loves grabbing things and bringing them to her mouth or shaking them back and forth. Balloons are one of her favorite things too. I tie the string to her foot and she watches the balloon go whichever way she bounces her feet – it’s so fun to watch her face light up. She also loves when you mess with her – tickles, kisses, and playing with her arms or legs. She’s a very responsive baby and it seems like we discover new ways to play every day. We’re still obsessed with ceiling fans and lights though.


Every day she gets more fun and we love spending as much time as we can with her! ❤



1 month old

2 months old

3 months old

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