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God’s perfect timing

In August of 2016, Aaron applied for a job at the local Christian radio station as an Account Executive (someone who finds the businesses who advertise on the radio). It was during 21 Days of Prayer, and we were praying every day that this could be the job for him. He went through a long interview process, but ultimately didn’t end up getting the job.

We were bummed to say the least. But we kept going.

In February, the job opened up again, but this time, for the sister-station –> a conservative Christian talk show. Aaron applied for the job again, and they were so glad he did. During his interview, they commented that they weren’t sure why they didn’t hire him back in August and clearly regretted it. They said they had to interview a couple more people, but they would keep in touch.

A couple weeks went by and we didn’t hear anything. Finally, Aaron got a call updating him that the interviews took longer then expected but he was in the finals and they’d let him know within a few days if he got the job or not.

On MONDAY (3.6.17), Aaron got a call saying he got the job! 😀 😀 😀

Excitement instantly broke out and preparations began. His first day was MONDAY, March 13th. He’s been there a few days now and he comes home every day with a story and wraps it up with, “I love my job!”


All of this is such a testament to God’s perfect timing. Looking back, even Aaron will tell you that he wasn’t ready to get the job back in August. His focus wasn’t in the right place, but now, he’s spent more consistent time with God and, consequently, feels like God said, “okay, now you’re ready!” and so he got the job.

I won’t lie, I was also seeking the provision instead of the provider. But since we’ve been spending more time in the word, I feel like both Aaron and I are more trusting in God and HIS provision more then we were in August.


For those of you who might be wanting your big break to come, I urge you to seek God desperately and fully trust in him. I believe God answers prayers in 1 of 3 ways ::

  1. Yes
  2. Not yet
  3. I have something better in mind


Trust that.

So many times we want things to happen on our timeline, but if Aaron had gotten that job in August for the other radio channel, he wouldn’t have enjoyed it as much. But because we were patient and pursued God during the time of waiting, he was faithful and gave Aaron the job but at a station that he loves and can enjoy.


Are you seeking the provision instead of the provider?




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