being rylie, being sarah

the “too small” box

SUNDAY (3.19.17) was the last day Rylie fit into one of our favorite little dresses. It’s the dress she wore for her church dedication, so not only is it adorable, but it also has sentimental value to us.

After church, I took her out of it and got her into something a little less formal. I threw it in the hamper like I do every outfit that has been outgrown so that it can be washed one last time before it gets put into the “too small” box.


It feels like I’ve been putting a lot of favorites into that box lately… which I have mixed emotions over. She’s growing. Of course. Thank God she’s growing! It means she’s healthy. She’s getting stronger and I can see her little brain absorbing more data every day. But a little piece of me can’t believe she won’t always be little. That one day, she’ll be 17 with her own thoughts, opinions, friends she wants to spend time with, a job, a car, the list goes on. So right now, my job is to soak it in! Mentally capture every laugh, little sneeze, big diaper blowout, kiss her feet and treasure every outfit I put her in. Because one day, if it’s God’s will, maybe she can look through that box of favorites and have her daughter wear an outfit or two. ❤


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