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march 2016 – march 2017

March 11th, 2016 I found out I was pregnant with – who is now – our Rylie. I still have trouble sometimes really believing that it’s been over a year since we found out we were expecting baby #1. SO much has happened since, and I love looking back and re-reading the story, so I thought I’d make it easy for you to find and share it in case you were wanting to reminisce with me 😉

Just to recap – I found out I was pregnant the day before we left for our vacation down to Mobile, and I surprised Aaron right before we pulled out of the drive-way. But we didn’t announce it online until April 8th.


How has life changed between finding out you were pregnant and now?

Let me think… well, we had a girl. 😛 Hahahahaha I definitely wasn’t expecting that (for some reason, I was 120%, without a shadow of a doubt convinced we were going to have a boy first!)

But really, we are very firm believers that your baby becomes apart of your life, not your life revolving around the baby. Of course there’s been some things that had to change, but not much!

However, Rylie has definitely stolen the show (and quite a few hearts 😛 ). She has brightened up our life in an immeasurable way. We didn’t even know we were missing a piece until we had her (and I know it’ll feel that way with all of our kids). Rylie, to put it as simply as I can, is phenomenal and she is going to be a world changer!

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