being rylie, being sarah

summer is coming

Summer is quickly approaching, and the weather is definitely walking right alongside it. It’s getting warmer (and the humidity is starting to creep in… Lord, help me!). The other day, it was a comfortable 70-something degrees so I decided to take Rylie outside. My in-laws have an Eno set up, so Rylie-girl and I decided to enjoy the soft breeze and sway with the wind.


Ever since, she’s been obsessed with the outdoors. No joke – she’ll be fussing and if we take her outside, she’ll stop… 😛

While we were enjoying the day, I couldn’t help but imagine this summer together. Lake days, sitting in the yard with a kiddy-pool, wearing tank-top onesies and baby swim suits (can you tell we’l probably be in the water a lot!?) & staying inside with AC.


Even though the 90 degree weather + humidity is never my favorite part, I am looking forward to doing those summer activities with sweet Rylie (and hopefully some friends as well 😉 )!


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