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happy easter 2017

We’ve successfully celebrated Rylie’s 1st Easter! 😀


It wasn’t super “easter-y,” mainly because I didn’t see the point in getting her an Easter basket or doing an egg hunt (you better believe I’m doing that next year though!!! 😛 ), but we had a great, full morning of church (if you want to see our church’s message, you can view it by clicking here– it was so powerful!) and then a relaxing day with family.

A couple days before Easter, I did a little photo session with our girl. Here are our favorites 😀









I hope you all had an amazing Easter celebrating the death and resurrection of our Savior!

5 thoughts on “happy easter 2017”

  1. Hello, Sarah, Aaron, and Rylie. Hope you had a lovely Easter. So many wonderful memories of you and Daniel and happy times at Easter. I Love all your photos and posts I get to see and read. Rylie is absolutely beautiful She looked adorabkle in her Easter outfuts. I am so busy with responsibilities with G-pa–his and my own doctor appt.s and home that have little time for computer of phone. He is undergoing many heart tests now. and I am still recouperating from fall about 6 mos. ago. But grateful we celebrated our 61st anniversary in February. And to have an office at church to organize Adult Biblical studies. I and the Ladies of Faith are Presenting “Newton’s Grace” movie–just released=video this Sunday for congregation. We have huge Costco cake ordered anfd other “yummy” desserts and door prises. Pastor John Jackma of Inspirata Films is a Moravian and directed “Newtons Grace” the true story of John Newton movie which played in theatreas. So glad he sent me a licensed church copy so we could see it at Resurrection. Grateful!
    G-pa and I prayed trally hard about Easte, but Your Dad with Rick’s family had planned a fantastic Easter surprise party weeks ago that G-pa and Ididn’t know about to be held at Anthony’s Gig Harbor water-front Restaurant. And on Easter were we surprised! I couldn’t believe my eyes as Rick, Carla and the and the rest of our familyl tumbled out of their cars in the parking lot across from Anthony’s. Rick and his crew started shouting,”Surprise!” and laughing and soon we were all hugging one another. Then we had a party with all of them at a small waterfront place before the amazing dinner at Anthony’s. It was wonderful! The food was delicious And my tea was perfect and hot! The great-grand kids are just filled with personaity, laughter, and fun! Little Zoey is Miss Personality—So thankfu to your Dad, and Rick and Carla for gertting “get together” organized.
    This Saturday we will hold the Moravian Easter meeting at R.L.C. The Moravian folks send greetings and best wishes to you.
    Sarah, We are so excited to see you, Aaron, and Rylie, in June and hear about your adventures at work, play, school, and church. Please know that I keep you all in my prayers as you go toward your God-given dreams to spread His Word .So grateful to God that you are my grand-daughter, Aaron my grandson, and beautiful, wide-eyed Rylie my great-grand-daughter..Love, G-ma Joan


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