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a visitor at school

Last night (TUESDAY – 4.18.17) was our last day of school for the semester. We still have a final to take at home (open book finals are my JAM!!! 😀 ) and a 10k (which I’ll probably be walking most of 😛 ), but otherwise, we are done for the summer.

This first year of school has felt like a whirlwind, but I’ve learned so much and am excited to continue growing in relationships and my ministry training.

Since Rylie was born towards the end of our first semester, my father-in-law has been watching her while we’re at school. He calls it “Rylie & Papa time” and it is looked forward to every week. Unfortunately, he had to give that time up due to his new job, so the last couple weeks Rylie has been with various babysitters – one a friend that goes to full time Highlands College, and the other was my friend Andrea (but she was in surgery yesterday morning so I wasn’t about to ask if she could watch a 5 month old). So last night, Rylie got to come to school with us and she hung out with (aunt) Ambam while we were in class.


Of course, Rylie was the center of attention while we were on a break between classes – but that was no surprise to us… 😛


As I sit here trying to put into words the experience of my 1st year at Highlands College, I honestly don’t know where to begin. I started this journey nervous, unsure, and just going through the motions with no agenda and incredible doubtful I even had a personal calling to ministry. Now, only half way through my education, I am no longer nervous, but excited. And I heard God call me into the area of ministry that I am supposed to be in, and I am so awestruck that God wants to use me that way! 😀


I cannot wait for the next year to start – but the summer break will be nice! 😉

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