being rylie

books are friends

Lately, I’ve been really focusing on Rylie’s tummy time and working on sitting up by herself. She shows immense interest in sitting up but tummy time is still something we’re working on enjoying.

If she’s on her tummy, she immediately rolls over (insert happy dance 😀 haha) So to keep her on her tummy, I put her with the bobby. She usually does okay for a minute or so before she gets upset, but I try to keep her distracted with toys.


One day, I thought maybe a book would entertain her, so I grabbed a couple books I call “interactive books” which basically (to me) means they make that crinkly noise when you touch it or has activities inside (like, lift the cloth leaf to find the mini stuffed caterpillar). Do you know what kind of books I’m talking about? Do they have an actual name?

Anyway, we had one that was only a couple pages, had the crinkly material, had a couple “lift this” / “move that” and had a mirror in the back. So I held it in front of Rylie while she was on her tummy and showed her all the cool things it did.

You know you’re a mom when you make something ridiculously simple seem really interesting and keep their attention for multiple minutes 😛 hahaha!

She loved it. She ended up grabbing it on her own and without hesitation, put it in her mouth (where pretty much everything goes these days 😉 ).


I giggled and told her, “Rylie, books are friends – not food!” but she just smirked at me and continued chomping.


I have a great desire for Rylie to love books and enjoy the stories they hold within their pages. Honestly, we need to get better at reading to her (even at this young age). Maybe that will help teach her that books are friends 😉 hahaha.

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