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it’s like a giant bathtub

SATURDAY (4.29.17) was a long day for the Shaver Crew! We started the morning off by doing a 10k for school (I’ll write about that tomorrow), but afterwards, we had a much needed lake day planned.

I had packed everything in the car at 6am that morning so that we could go straight from the race.

We arrived to our favorite lake spot at 11:30am and immediately set up camp so we could relax.


Rylie had just taken a long nap in the car, so she was refreshed and seemed ready to enjoy the lake with us.

A couple weeks ago, I bought a couple bathing suits for her (let me stop right here and say that baby swim suits are the cutest things!!!). I brought them both but only ended up needing one. We braved the no diaper game and I prayed that if anything happened, it would happen in the lake and NOT on my lap 😛

We waded her in shortly after she was dressed in her swimming best. It was muggy and warm, but the weather here hasn’t been consistent enough to keep the lake at a comfortable but refreshing temperature, so it was pretty chilly – especially to Rylie who is used to a 97 degree bath.


Although she started fussing, I was determined to show her how much fun the lake could be. We dipped her toes in the water and slowly waded her in to her chest. I showed her how to splash (which she kind of did later on by herself) and I moved her back and forth like she was swimming, which she seemed to really enjoy. She looked at the lake with such curiosity. “It’s like a giant bathtub!” I giggled as I pointed in front of her to show how far it went. Just seeing her little mind work is priceless!


We did try to use the pink inflatable we bought her, but she wasn’t a huge fan due to the water being so chilly, so we passed on it this time.


She definitely made her statement when she was done. I took her out and wrapped her in a towel, and she smiled, talked to me for a couple minutes, and then passed out. Overall, I’d say she enjoyed it (but there’s definitely room for even more enjoyment as it gets warmer and she’ll actually want to stay in longer) 🙂


I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to vlog her new endeavor, so check it out below!

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