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rylie – 6 months old

1/2 a year has gone by already! How? Wasn’t she just a newborn?




  • grabbing her feet
  • moving her arms up and down
  • grabbing things (toys, blankets, hair, glasses, shirt colars, etc.)
  • eating oatmeal
  • eating bananas
  • eating apples
  • talking (cooing, sighing, gasping, sticking her tongue out and making a noise, etc.)
  • sitting up (well, we’re practicing… but she’s doing a great job and would much rather sit up than lay on her back)
  • rolling from tummy to back
  • being in her activity jumper
  • family making silly faces at her
  • discovering her own facial expressions
  • being outside



  • gas in her little body (but who likes that!?)
  • having no attention given to her while she’s in her activity jumper
  • being inside when it’s perfectly nice outside 😛






This was a big month for Rylie. We changed her eating schedule and she now eats every 4 hours (a total of 4 to 5 times a day). Along with oatmeal, we’ve introduced bananas and apples and she loves them both! I’ve been making her baby food at home which has been really easy and super enjoyable. And I  love knowing exactly what she’s getting. We start our day with nursing & getting either oatmeal or fruit (banana or apple), and at 12pm, 4pm, and 8pm she gets a 7-8oz bottle of formula.


We’ve started to establish a bedtime routine and have become a little more firm about being home no later then 8:30pm to start it. If a bath is needed that day, we give her one, change diaper, lotion, and get in PJ’s. Then we talk about our day (she usually has a lot to share), and then Aaron reads her a bedtime story (right now we’re reading from the children’s Bible she got at her church dedication – it’s so good!). Then we lay her in her crib, sing a song we made up for her while I was pregnant, say a prayer and then leave the room. Most of the time, she’s so tired she’ll fall asleep right away, but I do leave a couple toys with her in her crib (a couple teethers) for her to play with if she needs to wind down more before she falls asleep. She tend to wake up at least once each night, but if I put her binky in her mouth, she’ll fall back asleep.



I can’t put her  on her tummy without her immediately rolling over. 😀 She’s definitely a pro at rolling to the right, from her tummy to her back, but we haven’t mastered rolling from her back to her tummy or rolling to her left side.


She also LOVES it when Daddy comes home from work (or when he’s there when she wakes up). She gets a huge smile on her face and jolts her arms up and down to show how excited she is. He copies her and she always finds it fascinating and giggles.


Rylie is so much fun! Every day I can see her grow a little more and I’m in constant awe of how gorgeous, sweet, funny and joyful she is. ❤



1 month old

2 months old

3 months old

4 months old

5 months old

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