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amberlyn’s highlands college graduation

On SATURDAY (5.13.17), Amberlyn had her commencement for completing her two year journey with Highlands College.

The ceremony was almost 2 hours long, and Rylie did an amazing job throughout the whole thing. No fussing, crying, or anything – just a little talking to the family sitting behind us and grabbing her teething toy and eventually letting go and it falling on the ground.

Along with other Highlands College staff, Pastor Chris spoke about the impact each student will have on the world. That a “double portion” will come over them. It was a phenomenal message (as always)!

Amberlyn (having her last name begin with “S”) was towards the back of the line, but we cheered for all the names we knew. When Amberlyn’s name was called, we all stood up and screamed really loudly 😛 We asked later if she saw us, and she said, “I definitely heard you! But I didn’t see you, I was focusing on not tripping across the stage.” 😀 haha


After the event had concluded, we took some family/friend pictures and then went out to the restaurant of Amberlyn’s choice (Mexican of course 😛 ).


It was a special day for her and I’m so thankful we got to be apart! 🙂

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