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my 1st official mother’s day

Although I do consider last Mother’s Day to be my first, this Mother’s Day also counts as a 1st since I’ve actually birthed and taken care of a human. 😛


I’d go through labor all over again to have you Rylie love. You make me smile, laugh, & cry (happy tears). God told me while I was pregnant with you that you’d be everything I needed, & He was so right. You truly bless me every day. Thank you for giving me the title “Mama” ❤️

The day started off slowly, which was a refreshing change of pace for us (since our normal Sundays involve us being up and driving to church by 7am). We drove an hour away to Montgomery to go to the 11:30am service with Amberlyn (who works at the Montgomery campus). Afterwards, we took a few pictures, and then went out to Michelle’s and my restaurant of choice – Pieology (think Subway, but with Pizza! 😀 )


Michelle – Mom. You’re selfless, kind, wise, EXTREMELY patient, an amazing cook, caring, hilarious, and genuine. People mistake us for sisters 90% of the time, and I consider that an honor. I know we’re different, but I can’t help but laugh at how similar we really are. I so enjoy spending time with you and learning all I can from you! Oh, & thank you for having the same shoe size as me – that’s a big bonus 😉 Happy Mother’s Day Mom ❤

After our meal, Amberlyn went back to work and Rick, Michelle, Aaron, Rylie and I scouted a spot to set up our enos and enjoy some time relaxing.

We got home much later then we planned, but overall, it was a great Mother’s Day! 🙂

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