being rylie, the shaver crew

the triplets – 6 months old

Kylo & Rae are awesome dogs! Their personalities are really shining through and even though they are similar, they are also different from each other.


I absolutely, 100%, without a doubt LOVE this photo because it so reflects everyone’s personality.

Alex – the alpha uncle who is constantly watching over the puppies.

Kylo – bulky and tough but so sweet and caring. The protector of Rylie.

Rylie – taking the whole world in.

Rae – just chilling. Following the lead of those around her.


One of Kylo’s character traits that definitely stands out is his automatic desire to watch over and protect his family. Rae, although she deeply cares and is very sweet, will follow Alex anywhere he goes. Whereas Kylo, if he sees Aaron, Rylie or I, he’ll ditch whatever Alex & Rae are doing sit next to us. It’s the sweetest thing. He’s my big teddy-bear ❤


There are times when it’s a little overwhelming to have puppies AND a baby. But we love these puppies and they are perfect for our family – in every way!

We love our 6 month old (human & fur) babies. ❤

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