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prepping for seattle

As many of you know, I flew into Seattle on June 2nd to be apart of my childhood friend’s wedding.

This was my first flight since having Rylie, and Rylie’s first time every being on a plane. Knowing her and her temperament, I was confident she would do well, but with it being a confined area, knowing her ears would need to pop, and the time change, I found myself becoming unsure.

Aaron came up with the idea of making little goodie bags, so I went to the Dollar Store to buy some treats, wrote a note and then put the bags together.


I videoed the process and thought I’d share it 🙂


3 thoughts on “prepping for seattle”

  1. Sarah & Aaron, how immensely clever & thoughtful this was!! The note is written so beautifully and the candy & earplugs are such a cute bonus too! Rylie is such a joy that no wonder everyone adored her on the flight!!!


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