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rylie’s 1st flight

My flight was leaving at 5:50am from Birmingham, so we had to be out the door by 3:30am, which meant I was up at 3am (and I’ll add I went to bed at 11-something the  night before). We woke Rylie up at the last possible moment, but her sleepy, “you woke me up in the middle of night” face was too cute.

By the time we got to the airport, Rylie was wide-eyed and ready to take in the sights.


We said “bye” to Daddy and got on our first flight. Rylie took a nap on the plane for half of it but she played for the second half.


Our layover was 4+ hours in Dallas, Texas. Because we had so much time to kill, we walked around, I got a little breakfast (Chick-Fil-A fruit & hash-browns), and then we found a little corner with a few empty seats and played.


Although cloth diapering works really well for us, I did choose to use disposable diapers when we were traveling so that it would be easy to throw away and I wouldn’t be carrying stinky diapers all day. It worked out well and I kept giggling at how small Rylie’s butt felt without the big cloth diaper there. 😛


Birmingham ✈️ Dallas ✈️ Seattle


We got to Seattle at 4-something pm (PST), and even though Rylie did get a little extra fussy towards the end of day, she did phenomenal on the flights. It was a perfect mix of playing and sleeping and everyone we sat next to loved her!

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