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michaela’s bachelorette party

The reason I flew in on FRIDAY (6.2.17) was to guarantee I’d be in town for Michaela’s bachelorette party on SATURDAY (6.3.17).


It was a 20’s themed party, so Michaela bought a fun 20’s dress and a few headpieces (one she generously let me wear).

I was so happy to celebrate her and her marriage that was coming up the following Saturday.


But, one of the cutest moments of the day was when Michaela met Rylie for the first time. We met up at Michaela’s parents house where my mom was meeting us to take Rylie for the afternoon / evening so that Michaela and I could get ready together and enjoy her evening.


During the time we were waiting, Michaela and Rylie played together. Rylie was clearly enjoying herself and Michaela was so happy to meet her.  It was so sweet to see the two of them playing together!

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