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park day

While I was preparing for Seattle, I knew I wouldn’t have time to see everyone who knew me, but I knew a lot of people would want to meet Rylie. So, to make it easy for others (and myself… just being honest!) I made plans to be at a park that was centrally located for a couple hours and told people if they wanted to see us, they could come hang out with us. Rylie loves the outdoors, so I knew it’d  be perfect.

It turned out to be a great time! I’m so thankful for all the sweet friends & family that came out to hang with us.





Mrs. Thomas + Emily (old neighbors)


my brother, Dan, & his friend Corey (went to church together growing up)


The Oldright Family (I nannied for this family when I was in high school)

CheersToTheLeiersJune 04, 2017-6

Amanda (grew up with her at Co-op (homeschool group) + she was a bridesmaid in my wedding) & her boyfriend, John


McKinley (I held her when she was 10 days old <3)


Anna & Ruthie (friends from Co-op)


Dan (my brother) & his girlfriend, Alex



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