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rylie – 7 months

IMG_6935 light


  • playing with her toys
  • talking  (cooing, sighing, gasping, sticking her tongue out, saying “mama,” “dada,” and “nananana” and making a noise, etc.) 
  • making faces
  • bouncing her legs
  • walking outside
  • being on her tummy
  • eating Mommy + Daddy’s food
  • sitting up by herself
  • holding Mommy’s &/or Dadddy’s finger
  • reaching for stuff
  • putting her binky in her mouth all by herself


  • not getting to eat the same food as us (she’s very vocal about it 😛 )
  • waiting for her bottle
  • banana baby food (once something we enjoyed, but now it’s not our favorite)


IMG_6922 light




Rylie has been obsessed with solid food lately – mainly OUR food. She still eats 7-8oz bottles 4 times a day and has a bowl of baby food in the morning, but she has grown an immense interest in everything she isn’t supposed to eat. A little upset that she isn’t being given what she wants, she’ll “scream/cry” (no tears, just noise) loudly which makes us laugh.


With the trip to Seattle, her sleep routine has been completely thrown off, but she does sleep all night (thank you Lord!). She naps when we’re driving in the car, but the times vary.


Aaron and I are working on encouraging her to crawl. We understand that every baby develops at their own pace, but she seems to have an interest in moving so we’re trying to find things to motivate her.


Even though she’s saying “mama,” and “dada,” she hasn’t associated them to us, so we are not counting either as her first word. So, understandably, the race is on 😉


She is a HUGE people person. She loves others. Grown-ups, fellow babies, animals, anything. She loves them. Aaron & I are constantly in awe at how much joy she brings people. It’s inspiring! ❤


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1 month old

2 months old

3 months old

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6 months old

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