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On MONDAY (6.12.17), we pulled into Tyler & Daniella’s driveway to stay with them for a few days. It was a part of our trip we were anxiously looking forward to 🙂

The last time we saw Lizzy was on our last Seattle trip and she was 7 months old (ironically the same age as Rylie 😛 ), so we were excited to play with one-year-old Liz 😀


Daniella works full-time, and Tyler stays home with Liz during the day. This allowed for the two dads to get in lots of play time with their girls ❤


Tyler & Daniella are expecting a baby boy at the end of the summer, and I guess Liz has never spent much time around babies, so they saw Rylie as a chance to see how Liz would react. She did a great job interacting with Rylie – she was kind, gentle, helpful, and loved playing with her! We all agree Lizzie passed the test 😉



Tyler & Aaron played basketball 24/7 when we lived in Seattle (not literally, but they played A LOT! At least once a week.), so it was obviously something they were both excited to do together. They played every night we stayed with them (except for one because they were a little rusty and their bodies needed a break), so Daniella & I had a few opportunities to have some girl time with our littles. One night, we played at the park, which was a lot of fun!




It was Rylie’s 1st time in a baby swing, and I think it’s safe to say she LOVED it!


One day when we were hanging out at the house, I noticed Lizzie’s set up, and I was jealous 😛


jammies > food > Netflix

Lizzie is living the life!

Liz was a phenomenal “model” for me and I feel like I got some really great photos of her.



Tyler & Daniella were amazing hosts, and they told us 20+ times to make ourselves at home.

When we lived in Seattle, we hung out with the Mark’s practically all the time. Being able to spend so much time with them again was so sweet and fun! They are our family, and we love our 2nd family! ❤



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