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rylie – 8 months old



  • playing with her toys
  • talking  (cooing, sighing, gasping, sticking her tongue out, saying “mama,” “dada,” and “nananana” and making a noise, etc.) 
  • making her duck / kissy face (<– which makes us giggle every time 😛 it’s just too cute!)
  • bouncing her legs
  • being in her jumper
  • reaching for stuff


  • when she tries to transfer from sitting up to her belly by herself and her legs get in a position that leaves her stuck
  • having a stinky diaper
  • waiting for food (bottle, baby food, our food, just food in general 😛 )






Honestly, a lot hasn’t changed from 7 months. She has tried a few more baby foods – sweet potatoes and green beans. She’s also had some more “big people” food like spaghetti and cooked beans. She also now eats 8oz of formula at every feeding.


It took a whole week after our trip for her to get back on a “normal” sleeping schedule. It was a rough week for both her and me. Thankfully, we’re back on a good schedule and helps us have happier and more playful days.


She desperately wants to crawl, but hasn’t quite figured out the motions yet.


No “first words”… Aaron is still greatly encouraging her to say “Dada” though 😛


She is obsessed with bouncing her legs, so the jumper has become our best friend! We’ll set her up with a couple toys and she’ll just bounce away.


She is a huge talker, which is fun! She’ll talk to people, her toys, her stuffed animals, the wall, she’ll just chat away 😀


We don’t want our kids to be so glued to the TV that they don’t have an imagination, so we are avoiding the use of iPads and the TV being on all day. But we have been watching one episode of Blue’s Clues or Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood in the morning. She loves both shows and Aaron & I feel like they teach good values and are helping her learn. The last couple days we’ve been putting her in the jumper while she watches Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood and she’ll bounce and chat/sing/scream through most of the show. 🙂 It’s too cute.





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