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meet chewy

On SUNDAY (6.25.17), Aaron, Rylie and I were on our way to take Amberlyn to a week-long camp she was serving at. On our way, we stopped at a gas station and I saw a dog limp out of the bushes and lay down at an empty pump. I got out of the car and called the puppy over and he hopped to me. He was extremely timid, obviously malnourished, & bloody scars all over his face & legs from a recent fight. We talked to a couple people who were nearby and asked if it was their dog or if they knew who he belonged to, but no one claimed him. I couldn’t bring myself to leaving him there alone, so we got him in the car and took him home.


I wasn’t planning on keeping him – I had every intention of just taking him to a shelter or some place so he wouldn’t be out on the streets near such a busy highway, but Aaron said we could keep him, so we named him Chewy (short for Chubacca – gotta continue our Star Wars theme 😉) & gave him a collar. While Aaron was in the store, Chewy hopped from the front seat into the drivers seat, anxiously waiting for Aaron to return.


Aaron gave him a good scrubbing in the bath, some brushing, & flee/tick medicine.


I made a point to get pictures of his wounds too (the photos do not capture how bad they looked though. He clearly had gotten into a fight… and lost…!)

We addressed his wounds and gave him some food & water too, which he quickly devoured.

Kylo & Rey (+ Alex) were very friendly and happy to welcome him.

He was so scared and timid, but he warmed up once we got him a bath, some food and were continually petting him. He started wagging his tail and hasn’t stopped since. He stays right next to us when we go outside and he continually has this look on his face  that says, “Thank you!”


He seems pretty excited to have a family! ❤


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