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july 4th, 2017

On TUESDAY, we celebrated THE 4TH OF JULY!


It was Rylie’s very 1st 4th of July, so I continued my tradition of “taking themed photos every holiday” and took some photos of her in her sweet 4th of July outfit.



That’s the biggest bow we own, & it’s the biggest bow we’ll ever own. 😂

We started our day with a good breakfast and just hanging out with Rylie at home. Then, we got an invite from our friends – Vien & Kristen – to come over and hang out with their family, so we did that.

We watched a movie, chatted, and played with their kiddos. One of the best parts was dinner (pizza) and Rylie’s desperate attempt to get some from 2 year old Addy 😛 hahaha.



Vien & Kristen’s neighbors invited us all to come over and watch them set off some fireworks, but after the 2nd one had gone off, Rylie started crying, so we decided it was time to go home.

We had a wonderful 4th though, and we are so thankful for to all those who have been brave enough to protect this land! 🇺🇸

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