rylie’s favorite snack

Like I shared in Rylie’s 7 month update, she is VERY vocal about her desire to eat the food that is on our plate – especially at dinner. We had an idea one night and it has become a new favorite.



It’s become a big event! We get home, dish our own dinner, put Rylie in her highchair, give her half a handful of cheerios and set it on her tray, and she goes to town!

She LOVES them!


It’s so fun to watch her eye them, reach for them, and put them in her mouth (usually her whole fists goes in too) and see how much falls in her seat. If we lay all of them on the tray, she has a 65% accuracy of getting all of them in her mouth (there’s usually a ton in her seat and a couple somehow make it into her diaper πŸ˜› hahahah!), but if we hand her one by one, she has a 95% accuracy πŸ˜€

We’ll start adding some variety to her finger foods shortly, but right now, we’re just enjoying watching our girl enjoy a national favorite.

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