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fistful of sand, Disney swim suit & wet feet

The first time we took Rylie to the lake, it was the end of April and even though it was warm, the lake was not. She was also only 5 months old and she was still using the baby bathtub. All that to say, looking back, Rylie wasn’t ready.

Now, Rylie sits up in the bathtub by herself and she is obsessed with splashing and playing in the water, so we felt like she would love the lake if we took her again.

So on SATURDAY (7.22.17) we went out to Beeswax Park. Just like we thought, she loved it!



We bought an infant inflatable thingy (it’s a lot like a jumper but made for water, if that makes sense) and she loved just floating in the water and playing with a couple water toys we brought along. We took her out of it towards the end, and she loved splashing, kicking, and having Daddy hold her as waves from speedboats made it to the shore.

We were exhausted by the end, but it was so fun to see how joyful Rylie was. Definitely a little fish (or mermaid… 😉 )

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