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MOTION is the name of Church of the Highlands student conference that they’ve hosted for the past 9 years. This year, it was held at the BJCC with 16,000+ students from across the country. It’s a phenomenal event that I was excited to be apart for the very first time. I was asked to serve on the Guest Churches team which is where you are basically an extension of the staff and you are assigned a given number of churches and they can contact you if they have any questions or concerns. It’s a great way to serve and bless the youth pastors, and I had great time encouraging them to relax, have fun, and get spiritually filled.


The event was THURSDAY – SATURDAY (7.27-29.17). THURSDAY was a long day for me, mainly because I was there at 7:30am (and my serve didn’t start until 12pm). Michelle needed to be there early for training for her serve but she was leaving as soon as it was over because her serve didn’t start until FRIDAY, so we brought Rylie and she just hung out with Grammy. I saw the big “M” on our way to a building and I wanted to get a photo of her next to it. I posted it on my Instagram-story and tagged Highlands Kids, who contacted me via Direct Message and asked if they could use the photo on their own Instagram account. I gladly said yes, and this is what they posted 😛


we’ve spotted #MOTION28 attendees at the M’s. It’s #AllOrNothing… bottles included. 🍼

From 12pm until the conference started, I was meeting my churches and giving them their packets (full of lanyards and waistbands for each of their students). After that, I got to sit back and enjoy the conference.

Our first speaker was Christine Cain (one of my absolute favorite speakers!) and she was phenomenal and the night ended by worshiping with Hillsong United. To be honest, I was star-struck. I love their music and I watched their movie just a few months ago, so seeing them on stage, I had a different appreciation for them then I may have in the past. Worshipping with them was one of the best experiences of my life!


The next morning (FRIDAY 7.28.17) started early but was nothing short of amazing. Our very own Pastor Chris spoke and brought a word from God about how our culture views Him. It was so good and such a good check to make sure we really do see Him as the loving father that He is.


The day was full of worship, great speakers, and pouring into teenagers and youth pastors.


I also ran into these lovely ladies a couple times. Each of us were serving in a different area, so it was fun to run into each other and get a photo.


My friend Jen was also serving in Guest Churches and we hung out a lot over the 3 days, so we made sure to get a couple photos together.


SATURDAY (7.29.17) was the last day of MOTION, which was bittersweet. I was physically exhausted but was on such a spiritual high it was hard to  leave.


A couple more speakers & a few more worship songs, and the event was done.


Overall, MOTION17 was insanely impactful and spiritually filling. I am so thankful that I got to serve, attend & catch a glimpse of how God is moving in my age-group!

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