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MONDAY (7.3.17) was a rough day. Rylie was abnormally fussy, I was a hot mess in a t-shirt and emotionally exhausted. That evening, I found myself saying, “I want to go back to working a full time job!” Aaron & I talked it out, found how it could work, and a couple days later, I was submitting my resume on ZipRecruiter. I was looking for an office job (because those tend to pay the most), and found myself applying to quite a few.


My constant prayer was “God, please provide me a job that will be a perfect fit for our family!”


Throughout the week, I got some phone calls asking to interview me in person. I had 5 in person interviews within a week and a half. Out of those 5, 4 of them offered me the position.


Ironically enough, I accepted each of them but ended up calling back the next day and declining because each offer I got was better than the last. On MONDAY (7.17.17) I had my 1st day at Southwest Water where I was working in their Customer Service department. I was very capable of doing the work, but I could tell a couple days in that it was a job I would get burned out from quickly. I found myself daydreaming of the last interview I had.  The interview had gone perfectly (and interviewing is not an area I feel like I always shine in) and the job sounded exciting and something I would enjoy. But I was nervous I wouldn’t get it. So I added to my prayer – “God, thank you for this job you’ve given me. But, I really want this other job… but I know you will provide the job that is a perfect fit for my family! So if this is it, please help me be content in that.”


On MONDAY (7.24.17) afternoon, I got a call from my last interviewer. He asked me how I was doing, and I tried to say “good, how about  you?” without my voice sounding shaky. He proceeded to thank me for my patience as he and the owner had been traveling. Finally, the sentence came. “We’d like to offer you the position. We think you would be a great fit to our team!”


Shock and excitement instantly ran through my veins.


“Oh my gosh!” I said, feeling somewhat unprofessional, “YES! I would love to accept the job!”


We figured out a couple logistics on the phone, and he said he’d email me the paperwork I needed to fill out beforehand along with my start date.


Telling Southwest Water was a little nerve wracking, but they were understanding and let my last day be WEDNESDAY (7.26.17).






So what’s the occupation I was daydreaming about that is now actually my job?


I am an Administrative Assistant to the owner and the chief operating officer at Complete Benefit Alliance. I also will be helping out a couple other departments with little projects during their busy season. It’s a brand new position so my specific “job list” is ever evolving but it’s an amazing company and I am so excited to work with this great group of people!




Thankful. That’s my emotion when I think about the process. I interviewed for 5 positions and 4 of them were offered to me. Wow! And ultimately, God led me to the one that was the perfect fit for my family. Not only financially and hours wise, but also with the work I’m doing. I feel like it’s worth the sacrifice of being away from Rylie a majority of the day because I’m providing for her. I want things for her that just weren’t going to happen if I wasn’t working, so I’m willing to make the adjustment. I am blessed, and I’m excited to see where this journey leads.

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