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our 1st barons baseball game

On THURSDAY (8.3.17), I got a text from Aaron asking if I would like to go to a Barons baseball game with Zac & Kendyl. Zac had been given 4 tickets at work for free and asked Kendyl if Aaron & I would like to join them.  I quickly replied “yes!”


Background :: Aaron & Kendyl work together and Zac is Kendyl’s boyfriend. The 4 of us went to dinner a couple months ago, but we haven’t had a chance to hang out since, so this was a perfect opportunity to get to spend time with them. Plus, a baseball game in the summertime sounded fun. Oh, and did I mention it was Rylie’s 1st baseball game!? Well there you go 😉


We ran home after we got off work – changed, packed up Rylie, and were straight back out the door again. Thankfully traffic had died down quite a bit since the 5 o’clock rush, so getting to the stadium was quick. We parked, met Zac out front to get our tickets, grabbed a bite, and went to our seats. Not too long after, Kendyl arrived and sat with us.




It was fun hanging out with them and watching the game. I brought my Polaroid camera and took a couple photos too.




Rylie was having a blast! Not only did she get to experience something new, but she also got to stay up 2 hours past her bedtime. She was having so much fun though, she didn’t get tired until we started packing up to leave.





We had such a great time hanging out with these awesome people, and we are so excited to grow in relationship with them!

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