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a + came up

Now that the news is out that we’re pregnant again, I wanted to share the story of how I found out just like I did with Baby #1 (otherwise known as Miss Rylie 😉 ).


Mid July, I started noticing that I was getting a little extra hungry throughout the days, so I just ate some snacks and didn’t think anything of it. One morning (7.26.17), I suddenly felt led to pray for our 2nd baby (something I hadn’t been doing since we had Rylie unfortunately. I’ve just been so caught up praying for HER!). Unexpectedly, all I could think about for the rest of the day was another baby. Not in a “oh my gosh, I want one now!!!!” kind of way, but really in a “Wow. One day we’ll add another baby to our family.”


This may be TMI, but oddly enough I was supposed to start my period that day (7.26.17), but it didn’t come when I expected it. The next morning (7.27.17) was the first MOTION17 day, so I was up early. With a “I doubt it, but we’ll see” attitude, I grabbed a dollar store pregnancy test from the closet (since that kind of test had worked the 1st time and was what told me I was pregnant with Rylie, I got a few more to have on hand for moments like this where I was questioning it but not committed to a $15 test) and went to the bathroom. 3 minutes later, I checked it and I could see a very faint second line appear.



What does that mean?


In the midst of serving at MOTION17, I was consumed with one question – “am I pregnant? The line was faint, and it is a dollar store test… maybe I’m not pregnant. But I’m late. So….” Anyway, I made up my mind that the next morning I was going to take a “$15” test just to put my mind at ease one way or the other.


The next morning came earlier then I thought. Rylie woke me up at 4am and even though she fell back asleep, I could not. So by 5am, I decided to just get up and take the test.


Sure enough, a + came up.


My eyes slightly widened but not by much. I just stared at it.


It’s not that I was surprised. By all counts, it made sense. My disbelief was really on the timing. I had JUST accepted my job at CBA and I was 4 days away from my first day in the office. I vividly remember what my 1st trimester was like with Rylie (I was so nauseous I couldn’t drive, walk or get out of bed and I slept for 14+ hours a day), so I was nervous. Now was not the best time for us to have another baby. At least, to me it wasn’t.



For the remainder of the MOTION17 conference, I found some comfort in being the only one who knew. Mainly because I wanted to get my emotions sorted before I shared the news with Aaron. I tried my best to not think and just worship, but I found myself asking God “why now?” Why would He give us another baby right as I’m starting a new job (which I was already having to convince myself was a good decision since I loved being a stay-at-home-mom and now I’d have TWO babies to leave every morning)? And how was I going to put my best foot forward during these first couple weeks at work (which I believe are crucial to your employment) if I felt as bad as I did with Rylie? Fear pretty much overruled any excitement I had, which made me sad!


But God is so good and while I was worshiping at the conference, I felt such a peace in my heart that His timing was perfect and He would take care of me and my family during this new season. Suddenly, I was very excited 😛 So that night, I told Aaron. It wasn’t as creative as I wanted it to be but I was at MOTION all day so I didn’t have time to go get stuff or put anything together.


He was ecstatic!


4 ½ weeks pregnant, I started working full time and just kept praying for peace, direction, and that I would stay healthy and be able to at least function if I was going to feel awful.


Again, God is so good! This pregnancy hasn’t been anything like it was with Rylie. I’ve only been nauseous on a few occasions and I only asked to leave work once because I really wasn’t feeling good but usually as long as I eat something and drink water I can kick it pretty quickly. I am constantly tired, but not so much I can’t get my job done. I tend to go to bed a little earlier and sleep harder but that’s it.


As time has gone on, I get more and more excited to add this sweet baby to our family. I know what to expect which takes a lot of weight off my shoulders that is naturally there when you have your first. We’re also very excited that Rylie and this new baby will be 17 months apart. It may sound too close but we believe it will bring them closer together as siblings. I can’t wait to see them interact – Rylie is going to be such a great big sister! ❤

9 thoughts on “a + came up”

  1. I’m so happy for your sweet little family. You are a wonderful mama. Two kids will be a piece of cake for you. Afterall, you surrived and thrived taking care of my five.❤️


  2. I’m SO proud of you Sarah! You are a phenomenal Mom, wife, daughter, granddaughter, and friend.
    You have been the only one who pulled me out of a pit at times…you and Rylie.
    I’m so excited to have my second great-grandbaby!
    I love you dearly and pray for all of you!


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